Why should you learn Photoshop?

It’s a great editor, an easy way to create great artwork, and a fantastic tool. You can edit any image as you would a photo, and it’s free and is great for teaching kids.

So go ahead and learn Photoshop!

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1. Free Artworks (Free)

This isn’t the place to show off your awesome artworks or share you artistic skills, but it’s a great site to learn to create free images and create great posters, calendars and more. You can use images for various purposes, like art, advertising, or even use pictures from YouTube and Pinterest to make your business or your personal profile. You get to create your own portfolio and get recommendations from other artists.

2. Free Photos and Free Video

These are both great places to learn photography, but the most important part of them is the Free Audio Files where you can create simple sound loops. If you’re an audio or video buff, you’ll want to listen to this free audio, listen to the images using this free music, or add your own sound effect.

You can also learn to edit, edit, edit to your hearts content using different videos including a couple of great tutorials on how to do some cool things with filters. These sites will give you basic information about video editing and Photoshop along with creating videos of yourself being funny, making funny faces and having funny words come out of your mouth!

3. Free Tutorials (Free)

These free tutorials are great for getting started on your art, editing and Photoshop. You can download an entire file for free to create a tutorial that will get you started. These video tutorials are usually based on real world situations that you’ll need information on. Sometimes they’re great to learn from, sometimes they’re simply great for making a quick tutorial. This is the place to start your art!

4. Tutorials (Free)

These amazing tutorials are great for students in school. They teach you a great deal. The tutorials can range anywhere from simple to the advanced! I’ve learned a lot from these tutorials, how to draw the human hand more realistically from a drawing with a pencil and paper and how to use color in a Photoshop edit. There’s so many tutorials out there and so many ideas to try.

5. Free Graphics (Free)

Great for creating graphics, these sites will give you graphic design tips, tutorials and a ton of ideas to use! These design sites range from high quality logos to simple