Can I drink saffron tea everyday? – Saffron Crocus Companion Plant

Yes, saffron tea can be consumed everyday. It can be done by drinking it on any day and in most circumstances, any time of the day that suit you. You can also find saffron tea tea makers in most of the supermarkets.

Which tea does saffron belong to?

Saffron belongs to Camellia sinensis which is classified into eight main colours and its color depends on the growing conditions. The main species of saffron is Camellia sinensis. It is a large plant with various leaves with the main leaves being yellow, green, purple, red, white, black and yellow. Although, it has a very wide range of colours, most of its colours can be recognized after growing saffron trees in a controlled manner. Saffron is a plant that absorbs the sunlight so during the day it tends to grow with the daytime being darker. At night, saffron produces its tea and it makes saffron tea as the tea leaves are made red and black. There are two kinds of saffron: Green (Camellia sinensis) and Red (C. nigra) saffron. It is said to come from the same place, which I am sure is right. These two types of yellow saffron also produce the same kind of tea as well. The green variety is classified as high potential saffron which is high yielding, highly versatile and has a high acidity. The red variety is classified as low potential saffron which is low yielding, low acidity and low yielding. The colour and taste of green and red saffron is different however. Green saffron makes better saffron tea. It has more green and more black than the red saffron varieties.

Why do we have to eat saffron every day?

As mentioned earlier, saffron tea is a very important part of Indian cuisine and so, it is important to have the right kind. One of the main reasons why Indians consume it daily is to satisfy their thirst. Indian people do not drink tea every day and they only consume saffron tea and if they drink some of the green and red types of saffron, the taste is great.

How to make saffron tea according to my dietary requirements?

If you just eat the whole plant saffron leaves and drink it, the taste will be fantastic. In India, there are varieties with a stronger taste and

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