Can you eat the saffron threads?

No, I am a big fan of saffron threads. Even my husband used to eat saffron thread.

What is its origin?

Saffron was found by traders of the Indian subcontinent in the third century AD and came to the South as an exotic spice spice. In the South of India it was brought to Sri Lanka where traders first discovered it. It was in the East of India when merchants and traders of the South East India Company brought it to East India in the 8th century AD. The traders also brought the saffron to other South East Indian islands such as the islands of Goa and Gojra and the islands of India, the Malabar Coast and the Bay of Bengal. Saffron was discovered in the Bay of Bengal. It was a popular spice spice in Bengal because of its mild, aromatic and aromatic smell. In the 15th century this spice became very popular in Bengal, and even though India was part of the British Empire, it was a very popular spice that was known for its mild, aromatic and aroma. This is how the spice became popular in India.

Saffron Burrows - Wikipedia
Its name was derived from the Persian word for red. The spices were first found in the Indian peninsula. Many of their spice was used by traders to sell spice or medicines in India. This spice became very popular among the Indians. After the British came to India after the Napoleonic War, they had the opportunity in Europe to trade spice to India (British Spice Company). The spice merchants introduced saffron for trade among the Indians. Later the name Saffron became popular in Europe.

It was later that spices were found on the coast of Arabia and was imported to India by traders in Arabia, through India. The spice traders named this spice saffron because of the red red color found on the outside, the inside of the spice. The saffron was brought by traders to India and was brought by them to the South when India was ruled by the British. In India the spice spice was introduced by the traders, it was widely used by the Indian citizens. After the rise of Islam, some Muslim traders began to use saffron spice to sell their products of Islam. They developed a popular spice industry in India which became the basis for its development.

Where did it grow?

It was grown along with its cousin garam masala, and its cousin turmeric to make dosa, chutney and many other popular recipes.