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What should you do about a saffron that has turned dark purple? As they say here: Never let it become a poison that will ruin the garden.

For the last year and a half, the Trump White House has been dogged by questions about its ties to Russia. The media, including this newspaper, have been trying to uncover all the facts, and, in the process, uncover new Trump scandals.

Today’s report by the Post on the latest revelation involving the president’s connections to Russia may be the most important since Trump’s Russia revelations were first exposed. This report contains new information about one of the most controversial aspects of Trump’s connection to Russia, the so-called “Russiagate” scandal. The most important aspects included evidence that the president’s 2016 campaign and transition team coordinated closely with Russian media organizations. This information provides reason to believe that Trump, his campaign, and his inner circle may be part of a Russian political opposition in an attempt to sabotage or discredit American democracy.

Trump’s Russian ties are part of an unprecedented campaign by political and media elites to discredit those who have raised questions about Trump’s Russia connections. This effort has been aided by what is widely seen as collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian media entities. This effort may even be an effort to sabotage or undermine democracy itself by undermining American media entities, such as the Washington Post, that have dared to pose the question “Who’s your real father?”

Here’s a rundown of who is involved in a campaign to destroy Americans’ faith in their democratic institutions and media outlets that question Trump’s connection to Russia:

The Trump White House has been plagued with controversies since it was named in late January. These controversies have included allegations of contacts between Trump campaign officials and Russia, the leaking of intelligence documents, and the administration’s refusal to fully comply with a congressional subpoena for documents related to the Russia inquiry.

Since the news about the Trump and Russia connections became public, the Post’s report may be the most significant piece of information about Trump’s Russian ties since the Trump Russia inquiry first began in late January. This new report includes a previously unreported information that President Trump’s foreign policy team had a direct line to the Kremlin. Specifically, it has been recently revealed that in at least two calls, including one on Friday, December 29, the president’s son and senior adviser, Donald Trump, Jr., initiated a discussion to get Russia to provide compromising information on Hillary Clinton. Trump Jr.’s involvement is described by this report as a clear

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