Does saffron lose its flavor? – Buy Saffron Crocus Bulbs

It’s the spice-producing part of the plant. And, saffron has the most aromatic oils. So, its flavor is going to be the most affected by the oil, which, when they add it to the dish, adds the most wonderful flavors.” The flavor added in the cooking of dishes such as curries, in soups and salads, has been a big success.

But there’s another area where saffron benefits from its oil: the skin.

“The oil makes the skin moisturizing and soft, and it also gives the skin a deep green color,” says Bhat. “It also has a protective effect against sunburn, so it’s been a very successful area.”

If you’re looking for an alternative to the traditional spice of curry, curry powder or curry paste may well be an option for you.

It’s rich in amino acids, phytonutrients and antioxidants. It also has a high concentration of curcumin, and it’s a safe and gentle ingredient.

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What About Saffron Powder?

“There are also ways to make a saffron powder and there are lots of Indian recipes,” says Bhat. “But, some Indian cuisine chefs are using saffron flour in their curry-based dishes. So if the Indian curry powders have a high concentration of saffron, that’s not good for you.”

That’s for those who want to use spices only for spice. “There are plenty of turmeric or ginger powder blends out there today,” says Bhat, so that’s not a problem. What’s great is that they’re not in the same concentration as sesame seeds, which are, by nature, much stronger and taste much more earthy than saffron.

Bhat suggests a saffron powder made up of a small amount of whole sesame seeds. If you do get a good amount of saffron powder from a spice vendor, just make sure you eat it without salt.

If you’d like a more traditional, non-spicy curry flavor, “make sure you eat your spices only fresh out of the plant,” advises Bhat. “In the West we buy the dried stuff that’s just ground and cooked. But in the Indian food, it’s more important for the spices to be soaked before they’re used.”

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