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“Turmeric is made from the roots and leaves of the saffron plant. It’s usually picked from the plants within the area where the plant is grown,” says Tushar Rajamouli, who runs a website dedicated to the ancient spice.

“It’s a medicinal plant and can relieve pain and also fight infections.”

Although spices don’t taste like saffron, many people still love the flavour.

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Paneer – fried or steamed flatbread of paneer

Dosa – flatbread made with onion, potato and spices

Garam Masala – a blend of ground spices and rice

Dosa with a chilli chutney topping

Kadhi – stuffed fried dough, which can either be filled with paneer or bread like a dosa

Kadhi with a kasuri

A kadhi is served with a tangy sauce

Kadhi with kasuri

Paneer with masala gravy

Chole – rice with meat

Oven-bake – steamed flatbread


Kadhi with paneer paratha

Kadhi paratha – pan-fried flatbread with paneer and vegetable

Kadhi parathas with saffron gravy, dosa and tomato (recipe shown above)

Kadhi paratha with cauliflower and cauliflower rice

A jalapeño saffron curry

The idea for this version came from a simple pan-fried flatbread made with onion, potato and spices.

“The idea came from a family friend who shared the flatbread recipe with us the day before. The flatbread had quite a few flaws, so I thought to replicate the version of the same flatbread dish in India,” says Rajamouli.

“I used spices instead of onions to flavour the bread – I believe the spices in spices helps flavour the whole flatbread.

“I used cauliflower and cauliflower rice – I love cauliflower – as it is good for you and good for you food,” he adds.

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