Does turmeric taste like saffron?

Yes. The taste of turmeric is not at all different from that of saffron. There is a difference between the two. Saffron is a turmeric-based spice, it is used mainly with fruits which can bear the same. Similarly the taste of turmeric is not too different from that of saffron.
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Did jalapeño taste like jalapeños? Yes. The jalapeño has the same taste as jalapeños. But you only get one jalapeño, we use three. The difference is between the three kinds of jalapeno. You get three different pieces of green jalapeño. A piece of fresh jalapeno is much sharper. When you cut a jalapeno, it has an onion-like flavor.

Does jalapeños look red when you eat it? No. All jalapeños have the texture of red peppers, there is not an onion-like flavor in them. Why do we call jalapeno red? There is something in it.

When jalapeños are chopped, does it look like red peppers? If you take an orange peel, you can see that there is a very small seed (called the cactus) inside. But when we do the same with a jalapeño, the seed is almost a pinkish color. This is because the seeds are actually red.

What makes an Ajakarta look beautiful? Ajakarta is what you might call “beaded jalapeño.” That is a beautiful jalapeño, just like a jalapeño with beads. Ajakarta is a very beautiful jalapeño because it has beads. It is very pretty, and a perfect example for us to admire.

When we cut an Ajakarta we do not see any beads, we do not see any skin, there is no visible seed. This is the beauty that a Ajakarta really is.

How can you eat an Ajakarta? Ajakartas are very tasty and we try to eat as many as possible, because if we do not eat it, we will not see or feel Ajakarta’s beauty. We may take it out of the fridge and look at it, but that doesn’t mean that we like eating it. This is why we need to put the Ajakarta in our mouth the moment we take it out of the fridge