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This is how: You use a saffron tincture, which is a mix of red or black seeds and water. Just rub water over the seeds and let it soak for a few minutes. Add salt, a little saffron extract (I think I used a lot of that), white pepper and some sugar — just enough for a thick white sauce that coats the skin of the fruit perfectly; it won’t have any of the astringency that comes in pure dried saffron. It will also taste a little less red. Then cut your piece into eight squares and serve along with warm naan, chai, hummus, couscous, tikka masala or any kind of curries you make.

“We’re a strong family,” says a member of the Hutterite family. “People have to understand there are some real hard times, sometimes even a few years with no food and some pretty difficult stuff, without question.”

There are no quick fixes. They come slowly, like the time the U.S. government was forced to pay a large fine to the Hutterites, then allowed them to pay it off, then the government paid the Hutterites off, then the government still owed them money, and the Hutterites are now still owed money, but at the moment, they can avoid paying it.

“You can’t just say ‘get a computer’ before all this has happened,” says a member of the Hutterite family. “You had a computer and you knew there were other things you had to do. There was a way to do them and you just had to do it.”

There are many things to do when you’re in trouble: go to court, take steps to improve your situation, even go back to court. There are many ways to do things. However, what happens to you and how you deal with it — it’s what is called “decision-making culture.”

“The problem in this case is, for a Hutterite group, it’s their way or the highway,” says Dr. Stephen Biddle, a sociologist at the University of Manitoba, who was involved in the Hutterite case. “They’ll do things for themselves and they’re not going to worry about how that affects other people.”

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The Hutterites grew out of Hutterite communities in the U.S. that used the practices of polygamy that have not been widely accepted in modern cultures until the 1990

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