How do you multiply saffron bulbs? – Saffron Crocus Bulbs For Sale

We don’t really use a calculator to do this. Just look at the light output before and after the saffron addition.

The more bulbs that are added the stronger the light intensity. You can also do this when you add the bulbs of a large, compact system. Then you’ll have strong, powerful lighting.

Another thing with saffron bulb in the home

While some people think having saffron as a bulb is a nice option it has no effect on the heat output of the electric panel or heat pumps. If there’s a problem or your system is already at 75% efficiency you won’t be happy with the results you get out of your light.

Saffron bulbs should only be considered for small to medium sized installations that involve light only. As you build up to your larger installations you should add more saffron bulbs to ensure the best heat output.

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