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Is it bad for you?” she asked the question, which is so common these days that it’s the same question every time we ask it.

I knew then that I wanted nothing to do with it. If it was so bad for her, why would a woman have married such a man! If what she was experiencing was a sin, I didn’t feel it was good for her. But I didn’t feel that I deserved to question what she was experiencing. No one who knows any of the truth would think that it is a good thing for women to have the experience of having sex with men they don’t know. It is not good, it is a violation of their bodies, it is not healthy for them.

In the end, I tried to ask the question honestly and without shame. But I can’t shake the feeling that I don’t need to ask the question, if she is going through that sort of experience, she will let us know if it is something she is capable of or not.

We’re still a couple days away from the big reveal at the PlayStation Experience 2016 at the Hilton in Los Angeles, but the Xbox One has finally unveiled Xbox One S, the successor that will be launching this Fall with a price that’s much better than the old version. As you can see in the image below, the Xbox One has much faster console performance – a whopping 50%. The Xbox One S will also come with faster SSD, so there’s better performance for your games and apps, and it has better battery life.

The console itself will cost you $500, though in terms of pricing we don’t know when this will be available. We will update this article if we get more details about pricing and availability details.

One of the biggest problems we have with the current generation of consoles is that they can’t be easily modded to be used as a home studio. They all cost $400-500 in our experience, and even if there hadn’t been any performance issues with the Xbox One X, most users would have already made a lot more than that just going out and buying two (or more) of them.

So we’ve taken the guesswork out of getting a PC for this setup and have created a custom Windows 10 OS for all of our PCs so you can use them as a home studio. The good thing about the new OS is that it integrates quite nicely with existing software such as Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro X, and Adobe Creative Suite that most users already have

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