How long does saffron take to grow?

The answer is actually quite long, you just have to know where to look to find the answer. There are several ways to grow saffron.

One of the great things about growing saffron is that it does not require that you do anything special, just pay attention to any signs that you are doing a right thing to keep it growing (see #4 above).

Once that is done, a plant will start looking the way it does because you have turned it around and now the leaves of the plant are facing the sun.

It is very easy to give your plants some sunlight. One of their advantages is that they look nice, healthy even after being planted.

How do you start your saffron plants for the first time?

It is easy enough to start some saffron pots. Just choose a big pot and then cover the hole you have drilled with a piece of cardboard.

Fill it with soil. Fill the entire space about 3 inches higher than the top, and place the pots so that they are about 3/4 of a foot tall. They should be tall enough to place your feet in if you are about 6 foot. So when you sit your feet on these plants, they should be resting on a level base.

Then carefully pull the bottom of the bag open and set the bag on the plants. They should look very healthy and grow in their pots.

If you decide to leave them for a while, and then bring them back to pot, just remove the top and you should have a healthy plant. Just plant the next group of plants.

When is it done?

The plants will look and continue to grow on their own after a period of about six weeks depending on their size. Just watch them and watch their size.

As the saffron matures the leaves will begin to turn slightly lighter and will start to turn darker green.

The leaves will dry out and go from reddish yellow to deep red. This is when the saffron matures.

The last thing which you need to watch for are brownish spots on the plants. These spots can be very small and they will slowly turn brown. You will quickly notice that the leaves on these spots will turn into a very dark brown color. After a few days the spots should move to the top of the stems.

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How long does saffron take to grow? What