How many saffron threads are in a gram? – Saffron Planting Season

The answer is two and a half grams! If it is 1/32th or 3/32ths of a gram, then it is as close to 10% as is needed. If these factors all agree, then your saffron thread is the best saffron thread you can get.

However, the saffron thread can also vary greatly in size. If it is as small as a quarter of a gram and the thread is 2.1 mm, then you have a good saffron thread.

The following is a comparison of a saffron thread and a regular thread. A standard thread is of the same size: 2.1 mm.


On the ground, the saffron thread will usually be much larger than a standard thread in the middle of it. This is to be expected. This is because saffron thread is usually so coarse that it is better to weave tightly. When you go to weave one end, the thread is not completely enclosed in the yarn and it is more prone to unraveling than the other ending which is not tightly wrapped. This is also where the thread needs to be spun on if you want the thread to come out the same color as the original.

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