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How quickly do you have to stop when you get that one bit of a crunchy texture?

Saffron is a wonderful spice that should be used sparingly, since it is so easy to go out and buy a bag of saffron and then the same product at a grocery store will come back a year later like it did last year.

Now that you understand the principles of why saffron isn’t a must, let’s discuss some of the reasons why its not used on vegetables.

By: Eric A. Yoder

April 6th will likely go down as one of the biggest dates in wrestling history. With a match booked for WrestleMania in New Jersey as one of the main event spots, the fans are ready and waiting for the big match to go down in what will be WrestleMania’s biggest show ever!

After months of waiting, we finally have WrestleMania 34 under our belts, and the fans can only imagine a better night than the one we have just had. With the two biggest events on the WWE programming calendar, it was a perfect chance for us on WWE Network to catch up with the hottest new talents in NXT.

With such a high level of talent that has moved on to other major promotions, like WWE and NXT, the fans wanted to hear from some of the stars first. So in the lead up to the show, I thought it would be cool to catch up with The Ascension, who recently made the jump to the main roster. I really enjoyed the guys new found attitude and the way each one of them was taking what we do for granted.

Before getting to our interview with them, I think it is important to let you know that NXT is not just one show. We do three shows per week, a weekend block and once the Supercard of Honor show kicks off on Thursday we can’t miss any of it.

So if there is something that everyone will be talking about at the moment that you think should be on this list, just call my attention to the comments section at the bottom for the post and for the podcast.

After we finished our chat with the Ascension, we were off to have dinner with our friend Mike Bennett and the guys from The Attitude Era, the guys who have been with us for years now. The guys at TEO are so nice and kind to me and I just want to thank them for taking the time to do this interview.

Let’s get right into it, man!

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