How many times a year can you harvest saffron?

Answer: If you were growing saffron in the tropics, where temperatures seldom drop below 10°C, maybe once a month. If you were growing it in the Sahara, it might be once every three to four years. (And that’s a long time in the desert.) If you grew it in the mountains, maybe once a day. (Maybe not.) It all depends on how you’re growing.

Q: I saw this ad yesterday on Facebook for a saffron tree. What’s a saffron tree?

A: It’s an upright, tree, tree-shaped basket full of saffron seeds. It’s also called a tree basket or a saffron basket.

The saffron seed is small and very delicate. You can only use it to produce new saffron. Once you have the saffron seed stowed away somewhere, it’s useless to you. In fact, you’ll probably have to buy a new basket. The idea is that as you have a full supply of saffron, you can plant it anywhere you want.

Q: How are saffron trees grown? What kind of light is needed?

A: A saffron tree needs light to grow. It must have a clear sky for plant growth. It needs sunshine so it can get new saffron roots to grow underneath it. The trees will often have the ability to produce new plants at night. At night, the plants will get their roots in. This is because the light from the moon hits the earth in layers.

And saffron is one of the few flowers that produce a pollen, which gets sucked onto a plant to get them started. So saffron plants will get bigger as they become established.

What kind of lighting is right for plants growing in a saffron basket?

Most varieties of saffron are grown in containers. So for a saffron basket, use plants at 1″ to 2″, but be careful if you’re using plants that have the ability to stand upright like an apple. This could cause a lot of problems if the saffron is left sitting at night.

Q: What happens if there are few leaves in the saffron basket?

A: Saffron will slowly dry out, which means there will be little leaves for an extended period of time. That’s okay, because saffron will always produce leaves again the next year