How much can you make growing saffron? – Growing Saffron In New England

There are lots of people saying things like ‘It is difficult to grow the stuff and it is a fickle plant’. Yes it could be fickle, but as with wine, the key to success in your area will depend on the quality of the soil, the kind of growth you have, and what is available locally. With the proper seeds and plant culture, there is still plenty of room for saffron to flourish and grow. I’m also a believer that if the weather conditions are right then the saffron will be as green as the day is long!

What is the most important piece of information I need to know before I start?

If you are in the USA there’s a good chance your saffron can be grown from seed. If you’re overseas then you may need international shipping, this is important to know to be on the safe side.

Are the seeds all the same size?

Safra is the size of a melon and is one of the smaller seeds so it will grow into a pretty small pod which is what you use to propagate your saffron plant. However, if it gets a big chunk of the pod off and then you remove all the other leaves, it’s not going to produce any saffron because of the lack of seeds inside to make the saffron.

Can there be harmful effects from the germination of the seeds?

The most important thing to know is that these seeds have a lot of chemicals that will end up on the saffron seed which will turn it to a poisonous green color. That will damage it, which means it is just going to be a toxic plant.
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Why should I let my seed germinate?

Some people think they just grow saffron all day long, I think that’s just lazy and you might want to do it some extra effort but that’s just the way we like to do it. We tend to do it as quickly as possible and I think you will also gain some valuable experience growing saffron so you can be at your most productive with it and get the most out of it!

What seed can I buy from the supermarket and what is the best way to grow saffron?

Safra has a variety known as P. spp. which has the largest seed in size of any that we work from, if you have access to this seed then start growing saffron in pots on a larger size

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