How much does saffron cost? – Climate To Grow Ginger

The price of saffron depends greatly on the area it is grown. Some areas grow saffron in the Himalaya. Most often, its prices are about double the average cost for most other herbs.

How much does saffron cost in India?

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Saffron prices in India are comparable to those in the states of the U.S. It is not known exactly how much Indian saffron costs – but there are some rumors. This area is probably very expensive.

Saffron grows in mountainous areas, where it usually costs about $25/gram.

Where can I get it?

If you are looking to grow saffron in the area, then your best bet is to go to Asia, and if possible, to India. There are so many wonderful places to learn about traditional medicine and farming, and the people are incredibly hospitable. The prices are always good there.

Another option is to order online and grow a bit yourselves.

What are my options if I have it right?

Just go ahead and buy some of it. But don’t get it in the store in the first place – at least, not at a good price. (Saffron can be pretty hard to grow in large quantities.)

If you don’t have it at home, you can also grow the plant yourself. A plant of the right sort is about $10 to $20. It doesn’t take a scientist to grow a small saffron plant – just a few months of care to keep it looking beautiful and healthy.

When buying it as an annual in China, it often goes for upwards of $80/acre or more.

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