How much does saffron cost? – Growing Saffron Crocus In Pots

The price is very expensive indeed. When it’s grown in India, it is sold in two ways. In India, there is not so much saffron to be sold. But that means it makes the price too high.

To keep it affordable at home, farmers plant more saffron. But it gets so expensive to produce it.

The cost of processing and packaging it in India starts at Rs.7,000-8,000. So it is very expensive. But in the US, India is not yet very popular as a exporter. So farmers there import that.

The result is that the price has started to become affordable. In 2012, the retail price was at Rs.12.90.

In a case study of a farm, we saw that saffron grown in India was priced very competitively and people could afford to buy it.

The first case I looked at the cost of the farmer and what that farmer expected. And there were prices at all the levels of Indian manufacturing.

The price started at just 1,000 to 1,500 rupees [$30 to $45] per kilogram [2.2 pounds]. Now, for the cheapest [industrial] saffron, we get $30 to $45 for this type of saffron.

When it is processed the cost is about 1,000 rupees [$30 to $45] per kilogram [2.2 pounds].

But we had a farmer in India who brought his saffron back to the US from India and asked to trade it for a better contract. His saffron now cost $100 per kilogram [50 to $65] and he bought in India the contract and he was given a better price.

What is different about buying from India?

Our relationship with India is different because we know that there are lots of farmers and we will be able to get better products.

This is what we are using in our research, how else can we do that?

I think when people look at saffron they think this is a little black mass. So it is so expensive and it’s not very popular there. We actually want these products to be more popular there.

We want them to be as popular here as they are in the States. You cannot sell saffron in America and expect it to be sold anywhere else. For us, a relationship with a country is a

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