How much does saffron seeds cost? – How To Store Saffron Bulbs

Saffron seeds are very inexpensive. I have been buying saffron from a small village in western India for over Rs 250. Some stores are selling them for less than Rs 10 or Rs 20, but most of these places that sell them do not show them for sale and some of the people who work there are very stingy people. So if you buy a few, you are guaranteed to get at least 1 kg in good condition.

Can saffron seeds be eaten like a spice?

Yes! But one of my biggest problems when I started to eat saffron was the fact that people used to say, “When the time comes, saffron will be my favourite spice”. Now I prefer to have it with a cup of tea because when I add it to my tea it gives a great aroma.

Is eating saffron good for the heart?

I don’t eat it much, because the taste is so terrible — but it does have some nice vitamins. In fact, saffron is a rich source of vitamin A and it supports the immune system. It is also good for your eyesight and your teeth because it contains carotenoids, a type of Vitamin A, which prevents the formation of carotenids with sunlight.

What can you do with saffron?

I have found that saffron can be used in cooking, for a lot of different kinds of food. In fact, saffron seeds have quite a low smoke point and you can use them for cooking all kinds of dishes, like the dish that I used to eat as a kid: a spicy saffron rice with saffron chutney. It is not that spicy but it tastes very delicious when you heat it up in a little pan and let it simmer for a few minutes.

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