How much does saffron seeds cost? – White Saffron Crocus

Saffron in different varieties is priced and can vary a lot from region to region in India.

Usually, saffron is priced at around Rs.2,000 a kg (or more, depending on the variety). Most of the saffron sold in India is imported and some of it is cheaper than this. In India, a kilo contains approximately 20 grams of edible saffron.

A day at the beach may be all the relaxation a busy person needs, and it’s no wonder as many of us spend hours in front of the television on a Saturday night. However, if you want to have a successful afternoon, here’s how to be more productive at work.

1. Pick One Lesson

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Instead of going on a course, pick one topic that will give you a boost. There are only a few days left in school these days, so you don’t have too much time to waste. Focus on any topic that can’t wait!

2. Take Notes

Get a notebook and write down any task you need to accomplish that morning. This will hopefully increase the amount of time you are in the office. I love the fact that when I do this, I don’t need to leave the office to do the task!

3. Don’t Be An Ant

Have someone else do your laundry? Take the laundry out to a laundromat without a lot of fuss, and get them doing it. Make sure these people are in on the task or they may get annoyed, and make them do their job.

4. Do Not Forget

Be kind towards those who aren’t doing their best work. After all, you didn’t have to do anything to get them to work. Simply saying “Thank you” for things they are doing just makes them feel appreciated.

5. Know When You Have Done It All

Once you have complete everything you need to do, then go home, eat lunch, and get back to work. If you just made a little bit of progress towards your goals, then you are doing your work. When you get home, make sure you make a note about how much time you spent at each step, and what you learned.

6. Have A Conversation

Make sure that everyone is paying attention to how your conversation went. What did you learn? What did you accomplish? Did you come up with any new ideas or even a new direction? Talk about how your conversation went and

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