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Saffron is cultivated in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal, and is an important spice in the cooking of these countries. In addition to the usual use, it has an ornamental value in jewellery, as well. But the most common use is in the cooking of some dishes, with the addition of saffron-rich spices. However, the most commonly used are black cumin, coriander, saffron seeds, and carder-saffron.

Can you make saffron oil?

Can you make saffron oil?

You can, but it’s not easy. A traditional method of making saffron oil (called saffron paste) is to use raw saffron seed in a blender or a food processor. As noted above, saffron is not edible, and that makes making the paste difficult. You can however use saffron paste in places where it would not be used for cooking. This could be:

A cake or a cake plate – you can make saffron paste into an even layer. This adds a nice and crispy coating to a cake.

A glass jar – in this case, you’ll want to use a high quality plastic jar, rather than a glass dish. They hold the paste very well.

A glass or tin jar – just as with the glass jar, the saffron paste is a good coating to the jar.

As with other spices, saffron-rich spices can be ground in water to make a nutty-flavoured paste. Again, this method is not for everyone, as it is labor-intensive, and may not be the cheapest option.

Saffron’s many uses

What are the different uses of saffron?

Although often used in India for cooking with cardamom, turmeric and ghee (clarified butter), saffron is also used in many other ways. This can be seen in the many Indian and Sri Lankan cookery shows. In Sri Lanka, the main dish is known as chutney, consisting of the dried saffron and onions. In South Asia, a dish known as the “Saffron Chutney” is made with the dried and mashed seeds of saffron, and the butter that is used in other dishes is the same one used in this chutney.

In Indonesia, this chutney is also made with the dried

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