Is Iranian saffron illegal? – Spring Crocus Saffron

The main thing to note here is that the government is using two different ways to define a saffron-containing product. I will explain them and also present some arguments that you should not be using. So let’s get started:

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Saffron is a narcotic. It’s illegal in most countries. The reason for this is simple: it is an important spice that has medicinal qualities. But, what matters, is just that it is used as a colourant and is not a chemical compound. So even though it is illegal, the legal rules can be circumvented.

A lot of things are legal in most countries. But sometimes in law the government is trying to use a particular law to promote a particular aim. In the case of saffron (and other spices) the aim is that you get the smell of it and that people believe it has some medicinal properties. This is why they keep using the word ‘saffron’, which means ‘smelling’. That’s how the term is used by some people, even when the thing is not used at all, because that’s how they are trying to make it sound. They say that because it smells of saffron, you got saffric acid in your urine. They may not say that anymore though.

The word ‘saffron’ means ‘sour’ or ‘bad’. However the word ‘saffrin’ which means ‘gold’ is often used in certain countries to refer to the same thing. Most of the other spices such as cardamom used to be called saffron.

Some people like the smell so they use it in their medicine and some people think the same way. The people who think that way are the ones whose point is that they want to use ‘saffron’ to distinguish themselves from people who do not understand the difference. This is why there are a lot of fake products that have ‘saffron’ and ‘cardamom’ inside them.

Some people also have an irrational fear of the smell and want to know what to do if they get some ‘shocking’ smell. In fact saffron is used for medicinal purposes and not just for smells. So there are people who will use saffron in their spice mix or even as their medicine but for some people the smell is worse than the medicine. This is why there are people who use this product like it is medicine and for the rest in the same way as if they were doing medicine

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