Is McCormick saffron real? – Buy Saffron Crocus Bulbs

I have made other saffron dishes from my own notes and it was the same consistency. The crust was still crispy and not soggy. The rice was very flavorful and tasty. The chicken was tender and cooked to perfection. The shrimp was fresh and a treat to eat. The vegetables were very fresh and we had plenty to share. I was really disappointed by the quality of the food but I am soo glad I had the meal and it was so flavorful. I can’t wait to go back to make more dishes and try other Indian dishes!

So sad to see so many old fashioned restaurants going out of business. I’m not a restaurant snob but the ones I know and trust to keep their food fresh and in great shape deserve a better reputation. It was a beautiful day and I went by to take a picture and the food was delicious. I’m disappointed in all these new Indian eateries but I don’t blame them, they got bad reviews from the wrong people.

First I loved this spot. I’ve been to it every Christmas for years. But I was sad to see all the restaurants that aren’t serving up good food going out of business. That’s all about changing habits (yes, I’ve done that myself), so I made a “rethink dinner,” and ordered what the old timers would have made in their prime. I’m really glad I did it this year. I ordered the Chicken Kofta, which was very spicy. A very strong curry flavor in this. It was very flavorful, though I wouldn’t say it was over-spiced/sauced. As I said, it wasn’t saucy, it was spicy. And it was just a good dish. There were different variations on the lamb keema, but that’s the one I went with. I really liked the chicken shaggy rice, it was pretty good too. Now, the food I ordered was mediocre. I ate a lot of the chicken kofta and it was all the spice that you’d expect from Indian food. The lamb keema was delicious, it was thick and tender with spices mixed in. I would say maybe I’d eat this again if it were on menu instead of rice, the rice was just ok. The rice in general was just okay. I also went to the samosa and dosa to get a snack before we had our lunch. The samosa was good–very hearty and flavored. I think it was the dosa. The samosa

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