Is saffron a hallucinogenic? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Seeds Quotes

Not hallucinogenic in the natural sense, but also not used in many places – the usual use of the yellow oil has more to do with visual stimulation, and therefore might lead to a psychedelic experience. Saffron-based perfumery is very popular these days: a nice fragrance could easily double its sales, especially with a green-and-gold color scheme. Saffron has its own set of psychoactive properties, and is a favorite of some psychedelic plant hallucinogenic folklorists. It is an old and powerful hallucinogenic, but with less of the visual stimulation we find in traditional saffron-based perfumery and more of the sense of “being inside the painting”, as described in the following passage by John Ayalon:

“The saffron-and-white flowers are more intensely fragrant; the saffron’s fragrance is more complex, yet no one fragrance is more intense than it. It makes me wonder how the “vivid white flowers”, “the freshest-looking flowers I’ve ever seen,” all bloomed and flourished this year with such vivid, deep-green hues, so many of them, in such a limited space… There is a smell, I would say a fragrance, that I find that does not resemble any other. It’s very strong, yet there are only three or four different ones among the many odors I can describe. I feel a bit like a voyeur who has come upon an unknown wonderland and is suddenly reminded of what it was like to be in an exotic place… All I can think of at the moment is that it is something that comes from a long time ago, an old plant of some sort in the mountains. At night, when you go out, you cannot imagine it being there. I can, however, imagine it’s there. It seems to be on earth because of the presence of a particular kind of smoke. What I am wondering about is: in what year is this plant cultivated, and how is it cultivated? The smell that follows a lot of the time is an old-fashioned smoke – a really strong smoke… I have never met with it before, nor have I ever smelled it before. I just know that it is there and that the smell comes from an old plant.”
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While Ayalon may be recalling a very old fragrance and not a new one, he is quite clear that he is describing a plant, one that is used in various ways by different cultures. I’m

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