Is saffron a hallucinogenic? – Saffron Growing Season

And where does it come from?

Some believe saffron is actually a plant growing near an ancient temple. This is because the ancient Greeks and Romans believed that the colour blue was good for colour vision. This might explain why the ancient Egyptians would colour their dresses blue rather than green or red?

Many saffron plants live for hundreds of years inside the flower. As they age, new compounds are formed which make it lighter coloured and richer in colour. A new generation of varieties may develop in the future, which could give us the ultimate colour in our clothing!

What causes the smell from saffron?

Saffron smells like a mixture of cinnamon and cumin flowers, so it can be confusing to find exactly how it’s made. The odour of saffron can come from a number of places. The most common site is around the base of the flower where saffron pollen is carried.

Saffron is also said to smell of saffron seeds, but this isn’t a natural explanation which must be tested first before making a judgement. Some argue that the smell of saffron is actually the stench of sweat.

Some research suggests that it smells as far as 5,000km away as the saffron flower dries during the summer, but you could be spending an entire day and still be able to smell it!

What about colour and how does it affect its wearer?

Saffron has a natural yellow colour that is different to many colours which is why it’s often used to make clothes. However, a saffron coloured band is actually far superior to wearing a regular cotton or linen. While it does have a darker shade which is known as red.

Saffron isn’t just a band colour though – it’s an overall fabric. As saffron flowers grow upwards, it gives the most brilliant colours which compliment other fabrics like velvet, cotton, silk and other fine silks.

Saffron can also be used to wear a variety of clothing. You can mix saffron with black, grey, and white to make some truly unique garments.

What about colours and how can they affect its wearer?

Saffron has a yellow colour which is a natural dye which, thanks to its unique colour-producing process, gives the best quality of colour in all fabrics.

Although saffron can have a yellowish tint, some prefer a light yellow over the

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