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The answer is yes. As far as we know, there is definitely saffron in the flower (if not the flower) and it is the most common and important type within a group of several thousand types.

What is the difference between the different varieties?

The two types are called Oud, or French Blue and St. Germain. (It is known that the Oud is the “French” version of the St. Germain.)
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How many different types do you have ?

There are about 1,300 varieties of saffron in India. There are about 1,800 in the U.S.

Is saffron good for your health?


Is there a difference between the different types?

Yes, there is a huge difference. Oud saffron is the most toxic saffron. It causes anaphylactic shock as it contains iron. St. Germain is much milder but also contains iron and is much less toxic. It is used for medicines, cosmetics, and other everyday purposes.

Does it help with fertility?

A very low percentage. But it is a fine and healthy color to the skin and the eyes. It also has a very beautiful smell.

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