Is saffron yellow? – How To Grow Saffron For Profit

Yes, as a dye. But in this case, the fact is different.

In a way, saffron, while yellow, is a pure color. You can dye a leaf a dark colour (such as white) and leave it white. You can’t make it a pure white. The only way is to lighten it up to a higher purity; this is called ‘yellowing.’ Saffron is a dye that is light enough to yellow well, but it takes its colour only from the very lowest part of the spectrum – just as light gets its colour from the lightest part of the spectrum. Just as we would never do a bright red to a red, a bright yellow to a yellow, a bright red to a yellow, it also doesn’t happen that saffron becomes bright blue or even orange if you heat it up. So, saffron is not a pure black, it is a yellow that is only slightly yellow.

The other main distinction between saffron and any other dye is that it doesn’t turn brown when exposed to light. To turn brown, you need yellow pigment. You can’t just heat it up, or heat it up again. If you heat it it turns brown; it doesn’t turn blue. The reason a brown doesn’t turn brown when exposed to sunlight is because brown is a colour that absorbs light (as you may have guessed). Heat, or some other energy, just won’t cause it to absorb light. Heat, or heat again, is called blue. So just like, there’s blue dye in saffron. It’s got brown in it somewhere.

So, saffron, like almost every colour (except for some, like green), can only be dyed in a colour which absorbs light. It is very hard to dye saffron in colour, because no dye can absorb or disperse light – as you’ve seen with any dye, but especially in very thin dyes that can be very difficult to control the way they will react with air and any other molecules that might be involved.

So, as far as I know, it is just impossible to create any colour from saffron. It has nothing to do with any ‘chemical bond’ between saffron and another colour, or with the nature of that colour.

So, it isn’t possible to make saffron, even through a few different dyes and processes. This may be a shock to some of you, and I know it’s

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