What can I use instead of saffron?

Saffron powder is a great substitute for all these traditional spices if you don’t want to do it all at once or want to make a few adjustments to your recipe. In this case, you can either use pure (white) saffron which is not really that sweet (it is a rich black spice), or mix it with some sugar, like some brown sugar or maple syrup. You can use it for any spice addition.

The white version is a great alternative to real saffron (which is also delicious!), and even gives you sweetness without adding too much sugar.

If you’re looking for sweetened alternatives, the natural sweetener stevia is an awesome substitute for saffron powder in a number of recipes.

What are saffron and cumin?

Saffron and cumin are the two most common spices used in Indian cooking. I would never call either Spice Spice without referring to cumin (which is also called cardamom) – and to saffron powder (which looks like an orange, but actually represents a mustard seed).

I would also never call this asana (sweet potato) without the ‘saffron’ part of it. Saffron flour is actually a staple in Indian cuisine!

What are other spices besides the saffron?

Some Indian spices have also been used over the centuries by Muslim and Christian cultures, and now are part of our spice mix!

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