What conditions does Saffron need to grow? – Growing Saffron In A Greenhouse

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We used a variety of conditions and harvested one particular variety. We found that the best growth conditions for this particular variety were -25 C and 20% humidity for one hour and overnight at 20% humidity for 10 – 12 hours. In the next three weeks, we allowed the Saffron to grow up to its fullest size (50 mm x 30 mm) and trimmed the flower to its full size in about 4 weeks. Since the flower was very large and delicate, we used a small cutter to trim the flower out of the branch. At first, we did not do this because, as we were growing the Saffron indoors, we were afraid that it will grow bigger in the air or in a greenhouse. When we did this, we noticed the size of the flower in the outdoor environment is much smaller than in the greenhouse or in the open ground and the flower has become less fragrant because of the high humidity. Therefore, we were able to trim the flower out of the branch safely and the Saffron is now ready for its full size. The flowering period takes at least 1 to 2 weeks for Saffron, because the flower starts producing seeds in the vegetative stage.

How should I care for Saffron?

To maintain high quality, freshness, taste, and fresh smell, your Saffron should be stored in a dry, dark place under controlled conditions. It’s important to keep it covered with atleast 24 hours of sunlight, or if it is an indoor plant, it should be placed in a dark room. Saffron blooms and is affected by temperature variations, so if you keep your Saffron indoors in a constant temperature of 18-24°C (64-77°F), you have to be a bit more careful about its temperatures and that it grows in appropriate amount of conditions. Also, you have to use extra care to keep air circulation inside the tree. Avoid use of electrical current, air conditioners and heaters that can produce dangerous electrical signals. So, make sure that your Saffron is in a room with at least a 12° C (0° F) temperature range. Saffron grows best in a container that is kept at a temperature of 6 to 12° C (39-45° F), but can also be grown in plastic containers and/or a humidifier if conditions are not perfect.

When should I use the oil for my Saffron?

We recommend the oil for Saff

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