What conditions does Saffron need to grow? – Usa Saffron

The key to getting this plant to thrive is the right soil around it. Too much nitrogen in the soil, or not enough, can cause the plant to over-produce and produce no fruit. Too much potassium can cause stunting, which can cause the crop to drop.

Here are two ways to help you know whether your plant has the right soil:

If this plant is not getting enough nitrogen, or it will not grow at all, consult your soil scientist. For information on soil science, call 1.800.492.0033 or 1.800.492.0034 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.. Call an agent at the local nursery to learn more.

If the plant is too full, there is too much potassium in the soil, or no potassium is being absorbed by the plant (if this is the case, your soil may need to be treated with more fertilizers). In this case, you will need to increase the amount of potassium in the soil or increase the potassium level of your fertilizer.

If the plant is getting enough potassium in the soil, but still does not get a satisfactory harvest, then it may need to be given some special extra attention.

Potassium is needed for plants to absorb oxygen; if the plant is too much in need of this nutrient, it can be given nutrients called “green-up”. This can often be added by sprinkling potassium fertiliser into the soil.

More than just a fertilizer

In addition to these nutrients, it’s true that seeds will grow in soil with high levels of potassium. If your plants are suffering from stunting, then they are a great candidate. This is because plants rely on the potassium in their environment for the nutrients needed to function properly.

These plants might also need additional nutrients like fungicides and insecticides to kill pests and diseases they are vulnerable to. Check with your gardening store if you would like to learn more about these types of supplements.

It’s also worth mentioning that plants will also benefit if the soil has minerals such as calcium or magnesium. These minerals can be found in rocks, dirt, mud, soil, compost and other organic matter.

If all else fails, don’t hesitate to visit the gardening store. Your local garden center in most areas has a natural or greenhouse-grown section for small-scale gardeners.

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