What does saffron taste like in rice?

Do saffron-flavoured rice drinks taste bad?

Saffron-flavoured rice drinks are not necessarily bad – if it is a good one, the flavours will mellow over time. Saffron-flavoured rice drinks might taste a bit artificial, which is not the point. It is more that people are unaware of the taste. Some people find them appealing, and the more people know about different types of rice drinks, the better they will be able to choose wisely. It helps if the flavours don’t overpower an otherwise fine-tooth rice to a point where the taste becomes unbearable.

Is it possible to have one type of rice drink in the UK and other countries?

The regulations in Japan do not cover all types of rice drinks. In addition the Japanese government, after consultation with various groups and experts, has developed certain standards for certain rice drinks, which are now used in the UK along with those by some suppliers in the rest of the world. As a result of this, it is possible to have one type of rice drink in the UK and other countries through the importation of those products without any special permission.

Is the same rice drink used for all types of rice drinks?

Although Japanese rice drinks are often made from the same types of rice, rice for most people is different so the flavour has been mixed and adapted to the individual character of the rice by use in the manufacturing process. For example it is not uncommon to have a slightly sweeter rice drink using the yellow varieties of rice compared to a more briny or bitter rice.

How does it differ between saffron-flavoured and plain rice drinks?

It can vary somewhat depending on which type of rice is used in making the drink. For example, a plain white rice might have added sugar or flavoured with a flavour of soy sauce. There is also an increase in the levels of sugar or sodium which are usually not found in the regular rice drinks. There is also sometimes no sweetening added except to the taste.

What is the main difference between saffron-flavoured rice drinks and plain ones?

There are four main differences between the types of saffron-flavoured rice drink and plain ones. Saffron-flavoured drinks have a bit more bitterness than plain rice.

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Saffron-flavoured rice drinks have a bit more bitterness than plain rice. (Source: Wikipedia)