What is poor man’s saffron? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Seed Designs

It is something which is used when the food has been well cooked, and a very mild heat. It gives the food a delicious taste. There is nothing strange about it – if you use it that way, you will have a very good meal for a very little time.” This means that saffron is a vegetable that is not harmful to our health, but is just a useful seasoning.

One of the things that we learn in Indian medicine is a special kind of saffron, called sambu saffron, which is also known by a different name – kokka saffron. It is made by grinding the saffron stalks, which contains much of the saffron. A little bit goes in a special glass jar, which you must cover with some sand. One jar will last one month, and then it would be discarded.
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After that, a smaller jar is required of the person who is preparing the food. They make a paste of the grains, and pour it into a glass tube. When this is done, the tube must be sealed. To be able to seal it in, the jar must have a hole or a slit through it. In addition to this, you need a large piece of sand which is very clean, so that it will not harm the food. The water must not be contaminated.

After that, the person who is preparing the food needs to wash it with clean water. Another saffron paste must be stirred in, and the food is then ready for use.

To make it more than a one-month use, the person must take it out at two months.

When I first read this passage, I thought, “Wow, it means that the food will last for five years, even if you do not use it”. After my wife suggested “This sounds very promising”, I looked at the food, and there were five grains – just two of them. It seems very unlikely. I looked into Indian medicine, and found that it is not necessary that you grind the saffron more than once. In fact, just the second grinding might be sufficient. This indicates that when the food is pure, it will not spoil.

As I read this passage again, I thought, “Gosh, if I do this all the time, I might need the saffron for a while. After that, my food will be ruined. No, actually, my food is fine.”

It is an ancient

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