What is the best climate to grow saffron?

Saffron can vary in how it is grown.

Saffrons are usually grown in open fields where the sun shines evenly on each individual saffron, thus there are no plants to kill the seedlings. The seedlings get very hot and very dry, and have an easier time of growing than the stoneware saffron that is most commonly grown in France.

Saffron is the least expensive of all the herbs. The cost per gram per weight is usually less than half the cost of saffron.

Although saffron has a long history of use, the modern varieties of saffron are grown in very poor conditions. That is why today there is so much demand for saffron in the world, especially in Europe, and why it is one of the cheapest varieties of herbs to grow in the country – prices usually range from around €10 euros, per kilogram, for the saffron available in the market to around €60 euros, per kilogram for the varieties that are being used for medical purposes – the latter are often grown in poor conditions too, often in the Middle East.

With the rapid expansion of the industrialisation of agriculture and consumption of western and western products, the demand for saffron has risen significantly. Therefore, this type of saffron is becoming more and more popular as it is grown in low and medium-yield gardens (especially on the edges of cities) and for medicine.

You can read more about the cultivation of saffron:

The best way to grow saffron is in the garden

In some regions of France, where the growing of saffron is more common, it is a much better time to grow saffron than in other parts of France, where the growing of saffron is generally slower.

If you want to grow saffron in the garden, the best way to grow it is to grow it around a sunny area as soon as it comes to bloom, as this is the best time of year to do so.

The best time of the year to grow saffron is from September to March

In areas with more summer rainfall, then the best time of the year to grow saffron is from September to March.

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