What is the best time to plant saffron bulbs? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Seats And Stools

Although all bulbs have the same life span, there are some times of the year when you would be most likely to find saffron bulbs. The best time to plant saffron bulbs is during the hottest part of the day to promote vigorous seedling growth.

How many saffron bulbs should I plant in my garden?

This depends on the number of saffron bulb that you want to plant in your garden. Each bulb should produce up to two to three seeds per year. If you would be planting more than two bulbs, you might want to plant them in a separate plot. You can also plant saffron at any time of the year to ensure an uninterrupted supply.

Which bulbs should I use for saffron?

A number of varieties of saffron can be used for saffron, depending on the location you want to grow saffron. For example, saffron grown in the southern Gulf of Mexico would want to use a saffron bulb called A. kurumae. If you are growing saffron in the Eastern Mediterranean or West African deserts, the bulb you should choose contains A. senna, A. japonica or A. indica, A. sacc. or A. rubina, while a similar bulb that can be grown in the Southeast would need to be A. dactyloides, A. darwinii, A. glabra or A. hirsutum.

What are the best varieties to grow?

You should choose saffron based on which variety is available in your locale. If your local market is not the strongest in supplying saffron, then choosing a variety from another region may be the easiest way to purchase all three varieties. The easiest way to find several varieties is to contact a local nursery, who will list at least three types of bulbs you should select.

Do saffron bulbs have the same growing requirements as other bulbs in my garden?

Yes. Bulbs require little care, and so they are not susceptible to pests. However, you can use a different type of bulb in other parts of your garden for the same growing situation or for other planting purposes. For example, depending on the type of soil, a variety of saffron that can be grown in coastal Maryland would want to plant saffron bulb C. glabra in the southern Gulf of Mexico.

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