What is the cheapest Spice? – Where Can I Buy Saffron Bulbs

“The cheapest Spice is Marmite, not the Marmite you can buy off the shelf or at the supermarket. It’s actually Marmite with added spices, and people buy that and stuff it down their throats. I’m really sorry to say that because that is a really, really cheap version of Marmite. I don’t know if I could sell it on my own for that,” said the comedian.

“It doesn’t seem to be sold anywhere else in the country, so I think that’s probably why it was so popular,” said another customer.

The BBC contacted The Pepper Store Ltd, which runs the Pepper Palace in Luton, but they did not respond to a request for comment.

On the official Spice website though, it says its “brand name” is “Spice from the USA”, but also offers a range of “extra-spice” products and drinks called Spice Plus, which includes Marmite.

The shop’s website also says there is no minimum price for “Spice”, but there are some restrictions. It states:

“Spice can only be sold as a stand-alone item”.

“Spice can only be sold as a combination of two or more spices, or as one of its own.

“Spice can only be sold to restaurants and bars.”

How does it sound like an alcoholic drink for you to mix in? #thespearlstore #thespearlstore β€” Matt MacPherson (@MattMacPherson) March 2, 2016

What can we expect when we finally pay Β£20 for a packet of “spice”? Just hope we can find it in the UK. 🀷🏼🀺 β€” Alex Lee (@alexxlee1) March 1, 2016

The Telegraph has not been able to get a response from the Pepper Store Ltd, which is not listed on its website.

@pennyjoe07 @jasonbenson @davidmclark I don’t have a problem with it if you can prove it is Spice. I know it’s Marmite but that’s what all them are for #spice #spiceplus β€” Michael O’Neill (@michael_oleman) March 2, 2016

Is this actually what an ordinary Marmite packet taste like? β€” Dave (@DaveKirby) March 2,

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