What is the difference between turmeric and saffron? – Fedco Saffron

Turmeric is commonly known as ‘the red spice and saffron is known as the yellow spice’. They both have quite similar characteristics, however saffron is slightly less fragrant.

What makes a turmeric paste stronger than others?

The taste of turmeric, while not as strong as saffron, contains a lot of flavonoids, which are flavonoids which help to fight free radicals. A turmeric paste provides lots of these flavanoids, which help it to keep its aroma more than other spices.

I am very sensitive to saffron (and turmeric is also a little sensitive to saffron). Can I use turmeric to help eliminate the irritation?

Saffron is toxic, and it should not be used in foods that contain it such as desserts or drinks, or in food processing. For most people, saffron should be used only for culinary purposes only, for it can be toxic to the digestive system. So use it in tea, spices or even in cooking.
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If a friend has been suffering with an allergy to saffron, can turmeric be used to improve their reaction?

Yes, for many people, even mild turmeric can be helpful, or even a good substitute. The use of turmeric for any purpose other than culinary use will usually result in stomach upsets, even if there is no visible change in quality of the food products.

Can turmeric be useful in preventing or treating ulcerative colitis?

The use of turmeric in foods (especially in the form of a paste) may help to protect against a food-causing illness – it may even help to heal an ulcerative colitis patient. However, turmeric must be used with caution because it can aggravate the condition.

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