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Cancer patients can get a large supply of cancer drugs in their tumours that has been purified using saffron.

One of the problems in obtaining a perfect saffron is with extraction. As saffron contains many aromatic chemicals that are not always separated correctly, many of the pharmaceutical companies who are producing and exporting saffron are experimenting with ways to isolate the substances that are essential for the production of medicines. This is not the same as a natural source of these substances, which is why manufacturers have decided instead to use natural compounds called anthocyanins.

The process of purification is the process of separating the essential substances by heating, and then purifying these compounds using chemical agents and heat.

How much saffron can you get?

Although saffron is expensive, there are still some stores outside India where you can buy it without paying a large sum of money. This is due to the fact that saffron is not on anyone’s radar and is a relatively common plant to find. If India ever became rich in oil it would certainly be more popular.

According to a report published by the United States Bureau of Economic Analysis, Indian oil production was 3.1 million bw in 2010, up from 2.7 million in 2009. According to the World Bank, India had the world’s third-largest oil reserves (after Russia and Saudi Arabia) in 2011, and the share of the world’s oil supply has been increasing since 2010, with China, the US, Brazil and Spain emerging as the major producers.

How long will they last?

In 2010, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation said that the value of a gram of dried saffron could be as much as US$0.12. In 2009, the Global Saffron Association held a saffron exhibition in Mumbai for farmers. They reported that some of them were using it to make kabobs, kabobs that were considered a delicacy in India. Some even called it a miracle vegetable. One of the festival organisers said that a lot of farmers who grew saffron had bought seeds from one of the farms with the help of the government.

Another misconception is that the saffron flowers and pods can also be used in cooking or baking, however the seeds are very sensitive to heat and can actually turn a raw saffron flower into a green and edible saffron meal that is used as a spice as well as a food.

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