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As much as I like to think that I am more creative than most other people when it comes to baking, in real life I really am just as “non-creative” regarding my baking… but that really doesn’t mean too much. I am actually pretty creative when it comes to my recipes… I just tend to make some changes or do a few little bits of things that are really weird and unique for some reason, and I’m pretty sure this is exactly the kind of weird way that I like to turn a recipe into something delicious!

So when I was recently asked a question about what to eat with these cupcake cupcakes, I had a moment to sit back and think about the whole cupcake bong theory and the possibilities it poses. So that’s when I came up with some inspiration and then tried to put it all together with a few tricks I’ve come across on the internet.

This is pretty basic cupcake baking, which makes for a great way to start a day. You just need some cupcakes, some chocolate chips, and a simple filling. I have a few favorite filling methods, but they usually involve either some sort of filling or frosting. I do have a little trick that I make pretty often, though, and that’s to use a simple chocolate filling with some other delicious chocolate chips. If you love peanut butter cups but can’t have nuts on the same day, that can work too!

I made these cupcakes the week before Thanksgiving, but they’ll freeze well… you can take them out of the freezer as soon as they start to get a bit warm and freeze them as one big pan (my freezer is super big). I just have a huge bag of mini marshmallows that I store in my freezer (or in the bag with my mini marshmallows for quick baking… I usually go for a half bag at the end of the day and a bag full when I’m done). It’s great to have so many options when it comes to recipes.

One last thing… when you’re baking, try finding some interesting ways to have some color in your cupcakes. I find it helpful to mix up a chocolate and peanut butter cream cheese frosting, and then to sprinkle some brown bits of chocolate all over the top. You can also try spraying these cups a touch of hot chocolate (or a touch of caramel sauce), and then toying with some mini marshmallows… sometimes I’ll put them in the freezer while the chocolate and peanut

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