What is the most expensive spice in the world? – Growing Saffron In Washington State

It might surprise many that a single spice comes to mind when you think about the cost of most spices and spices, spices and condiments, and spices and snacks.

But there’s two main types of spice in the world, ground ginger with a touch of sea salt, and fresh, unground ginger with no salt added.

“Ginger,” according to Wikipedia, is the common name for the ground spices used around the world in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

It’s the least expensive spice on this list, making it a very attractive option for spice junkies looking for something less expensive than hot peppers.

And you can have both by adding the same amount of ground ginger, so you’re not paying the difference.


The world’s cheapest spice, cinnamon can be found in South Korea, Indonesia, China, and Japan.

“Cinnamon” is also called as the Chinese cinnamon, and it comes from a plant called Cinnamomum zeylanicum.

Cinnamon is one of the most fragrant spices that people love, and it has long been used to flavor other foods such as confectionary and snacks.

But there’s one area where cinnamon isn’t as inexpensive as it seems.

“A teaspoon of dried cinnamon sold in the Netherlands costs only 1.6 euros (about $2) per 100 grams,” The Telegraph reported.

This price comes from the fact that the dried material costs money and it’s not only the cheapest spice, it’s also quite expensive compared with other spices.


Garlic is another affordable spice on the list.

Cheap, affordable, and high in antioxidants, it came into existence during the Industrial Revolution, becoming one of the earliest and most important industrial products in the 20th century.

“The world’s most abundant food on planet Earth – the garlic – took the world by storm as early man discovered it’s ability to reduce the spread of scurvy,” The Telegraph reported.

Cheap and affordable, garlic also comes with many other benefits.

“In the US, garlic is used in seasoning vegetables and meat,” according to Popular Science. “It is also used in cooking as it allows for more thorough cooking and eliminates other cooking odors in the process.”

When you cook with garlic you are also likely to avoid any unpleasant food odors that might be lurking around the kitchen.


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