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Can I use saffron in water? And which type of soil do I want?

Saffron’s great properties are due to the fact that it can be converted into the same alkaloidal compound as calcium phosphate, but has much higher surface area of both soluble and insoluble fractions. Saffron also does not absorb water as much as lime because the water absorption is negligible. In the best of all possible worlds, you have to water saffron with water! If saffron are grown in a soil of low moisture, you end up with a yellowish green soil and this means that the lime cannot absorb the oil in the soil and it will not penetrate the soil. But, as you know, if the plant is watered, it will spread that oil around, and that’s just what saffron does. Some of the best saffron is grown in rich, moist soil, but it has to be watered frequently, because water tends to leech the oil from the soil causing the soil to absorb the oil to a point where it’s unusable. If saffron does not develop in your soil, you should try using other herbaceous herbs such as chamomile and thyme, or herbs such as oregano or parsley. Another reason is because water usually reduces the oil content of saffron and that lowers its water uptake and hence its penetration capacity. In some cases, saffron may take a very long time to develop in the soil, especially as the plants are growing in greenhouses such as plastic pots. For these reasons, it is advised not to water saffron without prior warning unless it is a very hot summer in the country or for a very long time. Even though it takes a certain period of time before plants can absorb the oil, they will definitely absorb the oil during the first few days when water and UV rays are at their peak at the site or near the plant. This means that if you water saffron in the beginning, you should wait until the water has collected completely at the top of the plant and that you will have plenty of time to water again before the plant gets too old and it begins dying off. The plant is then ready to begin flowering by the next day when it should be fully saturated and will have about 12 days to produce flowers.

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Do I have to do any work on my saffron?

There are many different methods of growing saffron, and every herbaceous plant has its own characteristics

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