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In Gujarat, saffron is grown seasonally – year-around. But it is not available during the winter as cotton, the main source of textile and apparel industry is currently in a state of emergency at the height of winter when many textile production facilities are in crisis.

The current situation, however, allows the market for saffron to run in a very mild way: A harvest begins from around June to September and usually ends around December – depending on the type of textile product being produced (the “year-around” harvesting is not very common).

A year-around harvest involves making a saffron fibre with cotton fibre. Saffron fibres are more robust and the fibre is more resistant to temperature extremes (which is why they are not often used in textiles and apparel nowadays).

When did the saffron industry start?

Saffron comes from the chenopodium plant. The plant itself is found in the tropical mountains of southern India in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, while the leaves of the plant are dried and dried into fine powder.

In India, chenopodium is cultivated as a natural weed. Once a season it gets used with the assistance of indigenous people to produce the saffron fibre for thread and textile products. The plant is also grown in India by indigenous peoples who harvest the berries and sell them in the market in the northern Indian state of Rajasthan.

How much does the market price of saffron?

The market price of saffron ranges between Rs 2,000 to Rs 3,000 per kg. A kilogramme of saffron fibre produces about 6-10 gm of yarn.

In 2008, a saffron leaf was exchanged for a sack of rice for Rs 8.

Saffron is also grown as a green dyeing material. It is applied to the textile industry as a thick coating where it does not deteriorate over time like cotton or dyes. This thick coating is used in the production of cotton and textiles. Saffron is also used as a thick coating for clothing. It is even used in some commercial products like cosmetics in India.

What is the size of a saffron seed?

A saffron seed weighs about 2 gm and is 10 mm long. The seed is then soaked in water for 40 to 45 minutes and then placed on the ground. The seeds germinate and form small

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