When can I divide saffron bulbs?

In the early fall or in the spring, and in warm weather. Let them dry over night before you use them. You can even cut them during the summer heat or in the heat of the sun, but do not try to squeeze them for that. You do not want them too moist as it is possible to have too much of a problem.

Lily and Charlie start their day at 11 AM and are still at work at 9 AM when the first snow falls, and they’re in bed by 9:15. A bit late. But they’re both tired and sleepy. After all, they haven’t even had breakfast, and in this world they still have to keep up with work to pay for school the next day. So it’s still pretty late when they hear Charlie’s alarm beeping at 5 AM and they find themselves sitting up in their beds.

T-Mobile’s latest big announcement at CES is a $30 price hike for data on the 5GB and 8GB tiers of prepaid wireless plans.

“This plan is designed to make our data more useful by giving you more of it quickly,” the carrier says. “It’s great for frequent travelers.”

On the new plans, you can upgrade from 2GB to 4GB of data or 8GB, or from 2GB to 6GB of data. If you don’t have unlimited data, you must pay $30 per lines.

T-Mobile is only raising its price by about $10 per line compared with its previous 5GB and 8GB plans, but that means it’ll only cost $20 more over the next two years for the same total data plan.

You can read T-Mobile’s full announcement here.

The bigger plan costs an extra $35 per year for the 3GB tier and an extra $90 for a 5GB plan. T-Mobile now includes 300 voice minutes as well as 50 minutes and 50 MB texts for two lines, respectively. (The price for unlimited wireless data hasn’t changed. You still can’t have more than 5GB in each line.)

T-Mobile says the new plan offers the “highest level of value” for everyone who wants to start or continue with unlimited data with no overages. It adds that the $30 increase is based on a study the company conducted “on people who have unlimited data, and asked if they should opt for a different option or just pay a flat rate.”

This new pricing is part of some recent changes at AT&