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Saffron is the traditional flower of India. It is a staple of many dishes and most people in the world eat it with rice, naan and a cup of hot water. Traditionally grown in India, the saffron that we are now eating is a hybrid. It is grown in both West Virginia and Tennessee, however, it is far more prevalent in Southern California which is where the majority of its cultivation is.

What is the origin of this crop?

Saffron goes back thousands of years. There are legends that saffron was given to Egypt by the Hindu god Shiva and used as a substitute for lead. There is also one of the oldest examples of an actual ritual where a whole batch of saffron was taken to the Egyptians for sacrifice. The first reference to saffron dates back to the 10th century BCE and it comes from Ethiopia.

Saffron is usually cultivated on mountain or river slopes. It is easy to grow, can be harvested easily and yields a yellow-orange flower like you would expect of a perennial. Many farmers throughout the US grow saffron in their gardens, but some do it on big fields on private or tribal land.

Why do I have so many stinging red stigmas on my tongue?

There are probably a variety of factors that can lead to stigmas on your tongue. Many may not need to be scratched. The painful sting that you experience can be from a mosquito bite, bee sting, a garden weed or a fruit fly. The pain is generally self-inflicted.

Some saffron plant owners will be happy to take your stigmas off for a small fee. They are usually happy to let you put them back in. Others simply dislike the taste, smell or appearance of saffron.

Most stigmas are not permanent, but they can come off with soap, detergents, washing with soaps and bleach and with alcohol. Even so, do not use anything abrasive or acidic on your stigma, or risk damaging your skin.

The pain from stigmas can last a few hours or possibly longer in some cases. If it has occurred during a time when you are at the greatest risk for malaria, the sting can be excruciating.

Are saffron allergies a known problem?

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Saffron allergy symptoms include red, dry mouths, hives or swelling on

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