Which country is famous for saffron? – Planting Saffron Crocus Bulbs Uk

The answer is India. If you want to know its real secrets, visit the Saffron Museum which is located right by the Ghar Wapsi river. If you are looking for recipes, the Saffron Bookshop is worth a visit.


Saffron has a special place in Kerala. Saffron has many uses apart from being an aromatic. It can be used to dye flowers and to beautify vegetables.

A few of the other uses are used in making dal. Dal is a delicacy and it is eaten in Kerala every day. Dal has a very rich aroma and is said to taste very good.

Chakki is famous for its saffron dishes and the dal also makes a great part of it.

Kerala has also a rich tradition of Saffron artistry.

So, if you are looking for a place for tasting and learning saffron food, visit the Saffron Museum near the Ghar Wapsi river.

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Mulayam is an old word which means silk ribbon and is the symbol of Bengali. It comes from the Sanskrit word Mukka, which means silk or the colour or colour of silk. It means that a thing which is used for decoration and ornamentation. Mulayam is also used for making a lotus. It is very important for making a lotus paste. This paste is made from milk, egg, water and spices.

Saffron is important in the making of lotus, which is eaten in Bengali culture. In Bengali culture, it is not believed to contain any disease or ailment whereas in other cultures it does.

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In addition to making lotus, banyan tree is used in making lotus paste, for decoration and to be used to soak saffron.

In addition to this, there are a large number of other uses for saffron, which makes it worth visiting the Saffron Gallery near the Raj Bhavan.

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