Which country is famous for saffron?

Here are some famous names that use saffron in a lot of ways:

1. The famous French actress Marion Cotillard. She’s famous for wearing saffron. There are actually so many celebrities that wear saffron it’s hard to choose just one.

2. The famous Israeli-Arab director Elia Kazan. He made a film called “Nahal” in which he wore saffron.

3. The famous Israeli-Arab actor Ehud Olmert. He’s the president of the Jewish Home party and wears saffron around his neck.

4. The famous Brazilian singer/actor Bruno Mars. He owns the company Mars Inc and was named Best Artist in 2006.

5. The famous Mexican singer-songwriter and singer Azalea. Here is more of a list of many famous people who wear saffron that I found on the internet.

6. The famous Italian actress Laura Mulvey. She has even appeared in TV shows like “The X Factor”.

7. The famous Mexican singer/songwriter Yung E.

8. The Italian TV personality Mario Lanza (who doesn’t even use a saffron colored turban at all).

9. The Italian celebrity basketball player Ciprian Tataro.

10. The famous Italian soccer player, Marco Di Vaio.

11. The famous Italian chef Mario Batali from his famous “Tuna in a Puff Pasta” cookbook that he produced with his brother, chef Mario Batali.

12. The famous singer Christina Aguilera.

13. The famous Colombian singer/songwriter, Cesar Fonseca.

14. The famous Austrian comedian, Daniel Schneider.

15. The famous Italian dancer, Chiara Ferragni.

16. The famous Italian football manager, Cesare Prandelli.

17. The famous German television presenter, Markus Heitz.

18. The famous Italian actor, Mario Botta.

19. The famous German singer, Mariah Carey.

20. The famous Russian singer and actress, Lena Pournova.

21. The famous Brazilian singer, Monica Bellucci.

22. The famous German singer, Andreas Zimmermann.

If you want to find more about famous people who wear saffron, here are some online resources with saffron photos in different