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And that’s just the saffron! And the other stuff too. But here are the four ingredients (or six if you want them all!).

1) Saffron flour: This is where all the good things happen. Because this is the only ingredient in the recipe that will give you a good saffron color and taste. You can use all the other ingredients and get a brown color. I use it almost everyday since it’s easy.

2) Fine black sesame seeds: Sesame seeds contain a lot of good stuff. They’re also a natural insect repellent and their seeds contain a high content of essential fatty acids. And to make it even better – I add them to this mix. These are the key to a great saffron flavor.

3) Garlic powder: This is the star of the show. The good thing is this will help you to cook the butter so it gets fluffy and fluffy. You can also use the garlic powder in the garlic paste too for extra flavour.

4) White pepper: This one may seem a bit complicated since it can’t be easily bought in your grocery store. And you don’t need it that much. If you buy it in a store I recommend using one spice in the mixture. It’ll make a big difference. A small pinch will do.

The first time when I saw an ingredient lists I was really skeptical. Just to make sure I wanted to buy it. But here it is – the best item of them all.

All my other saffron recipes I’ve already given you here. But for this one you need to make several steps to get that authentic texture – you will need to take the time to make all the mousse. It will take around 1 hour to make for you a batch of the best saffron mousse on earth!

The butter

The first step is to heat up your butter.

I recommend using medium heat because once you start working on it with that heat, the first drops of butter will burn the skin of your knife. So make sure you only use medium.

You can get a really nice soft butter, but you can also use an aluminum pot for the heat source. I’ve heard of some people using a big glass pot without an aluminum pot – they were getting burnt in the butter. They tried to make the mousse inside the pot but the butter would get too burnt. That’s why I use a large

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