Why is saffron expensive? – Saffron Bulb Planting Guide

Is it a traditional spice?

Yes and no. The word saffron is derived from the Sanskrit Sanskritakrita and comes from the word saffron in the same meaning: ‘to make sweet, fragrant’. It may sound like ‘sweet’ to some, or ‘nutty’ to others but to us as an Indian, it simply is. It is a natural astringent, a thickener, an emollient, a natural emollient. It is used to make everything from hair to skin. It is used in many recipes, and to create a scent is an essential part of its aroma.

Most saffron recipes you have seen from us on YouTube are not at all about aromatherapy but for the pure enjoyment of them. There are few recipes that are purely medicinal, which will not have a perfume that is made with natural fragrance.

The reason we only make perfumes for this website is to have easy access to our perfumers and, to create something you absolutely love.

For example we have many examples of perfumes with natural scent, and many that are simply ‘natural’ and simply for the aesthetic purposes of perfumers, such as in our Eau de Toilette. The most important thing is to try them all, without thinking about it, to find out what you like. And the more that you try different perfumes and combinations the more you’ll like it.

Many of our perfumers have different preferences, or do not use saffron altogether, but they use different scents with it.

We also use various synthetics with saffron. These include: essential oils, beeswax, essential oils, lanolin, alcohols, dyes and fragrances.

Many people love the taste of saffron oil and will not like the taste of synthetic perfume which is made with oil, especially when it comes to some of your fragrances! This is why we prefer to use natural synthetic fragrance ingredients instead.

Now that you know what saffron is, how it can make your perfume special and why you may like it, let’s take a closer look at some of the ingredients that we use.

Ingredients that you may find in a saffron oil

Saffron itself, in its natural form, has about 15 ingredients which make up the oil (some of them are common to all scents, and some are uncommon).


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