Are Swing traders successful? – Swing Trading Vs Day Trading Which Is More Profitable Goats In Trees

Is it the best investment for the long term portfolio?

The purpose of this article is to answer those questions and to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Swing trading.

This article discusses all of the different types of swing trading and the most suitable asset classes to be used for each type of trade, but it is designed to be a one-size-fits all article with the exception of the two-pronged ETF and the ETF type that is designed for a specific trader.

It is important to note that each of the assets covered in this article has their own pros and cons that make them very different from one another.
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If you are reading this article for a more detailed discussion on the pros and cons of the specific investment types available, I suggest you check out our post: “Pros and Cons of Mutual Fund Investing” or follow me on Twitter: @jfryger3

Types of Stocks & Mutual Funds

There are three primary type of equity or fixed income investments: Stocks, Bond, and Mutual Funds.

Note – This is not necessarily a list of the most preferred investment methods, but an article aimed at those investors and traders that have an affinity for a specific style of trading.

1) Stocks

Stocks are the most popular type of investment in the US, accounting for $1.25 trillion in assets, and making up approximately 75% of total assets by value. The stock market is an asset class that has existed for thousands of years, and most people that would be investing in the stock market understand the risks involved and do not wish to take them.

But don’t worry! Just because you don’t have the ability or inclination to invest in the stock market, you aren’t out of luck. There are numerous types of stocks, and one of the best ways to build wealth is by investing in a variety of different types of stocks.

You might be interested in learning how to identify these types of stocks as well as the benefits that have been found to be associated with owning one or more of the following stocks –

1. US Treasuries

One of the best examples of this kind of investing is buying US Treasuries. Treasuries are considered by many to be the safest types of investment as they have been around since 1776. The value of the US dollar is the US government’s main source of income, so any decline in the value of the dollar would have serious ramifications for the

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