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Swing trading doesn’t have to mean your broker makes the trades for you. But swing trading is more than trading on credit. Swing trading gives you the chance to try a variety of strategies and create different portfolios which can grow over time. Swing trading involves more risk and requires a bit of extra work at the start of the period than conventional trading but can be rewarding for the long-time customer.

The following is the full text of the address delivered on October 28, 2012 by Professor Richard Dawkins of the University of Oxford at the “Humanist Society of Great Britain” as part of the “World Atheist Day” event held here in London on October 30. (For the full text of the address read here)

The Humanist Society believes that each of us should do whatever is in our power to make the world a better place. One of the ways we help accomplish this is by doing some good or helping someone else. It is not difficult to create positive change when one gives or helps. Even if everyone did nothing, we could help create some great changes. A lot of people do not see that as practical, because it seems difficult, or because they fear they will be looked down on if they do not. However, the truth is, doing good can change the world. It can create a positive change. So, I have thought it might be beneficial to talk about what a good deed is and to explain why that is important to do.
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So far, I think we have had a good opening answer to that question. A good deed is an act of kindness or charity. But there is another way of answering: a good deed is a good thing you will do for someone. So, I would like to go back to that first question in my answer to the first question: if you really care about how the world should be to help those in need, is it worth your time to do some good?

There are plenty of good-doing things to do (and, in fact, good deeds are a necessary part of how we live). There are numerous good choices that our society makes for us—most of them for no reason but simple convenience. We have all become better people and have gotten richer and healthier. In addition, there are countless good places to go to eat, shops where we buy our clothes, and countless bad places to hang up our clothes. For those of us who think that we could do more to help this world, there are many other good things we could do

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