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In the past, you could retire at 50 when you were just 25 with an early retirement amount of around $500K (currently $5M). However, as your wages grow, you may find yourself with a bigger nest egg to draw upon. If you have been out of the workforce for 30 years, the best bet is to put most of the remaining $200K (or about $3M) into an IRA or other retirement account.

What if I want to retire while maintaining the current pension?

There are three main options – the current pension, the defined contribution plan (DCP) or a 401(k) account. You can be in one of these plans for a number of reasons, including:

As a single male or female

As a single male or female

As the sole survivor of a spouse or dependent

As the sole survivor of a spouse or dependent

As the sole survivor of a spouse or dependent

As an individual with a dependent

There are also various plans or retirement plans for women who are age 40, 50 and 60, as well as widows, widowers, divorced parents and other spouses. You should consult your benefits plan in the event you feel you or your adult children must consider changing your current pension, as pension changes can impact your retirement account and your health benefits. Many private pension plans also offer specific plan options for different categories of retirees. For more information, please visit the Pension Plans Guide section of our website as well.

To see what all the acronyms mean, check this chart of terms – we have even included some of your employer’s benefits to the extent that we know how to calculate them.

Pension savings information

To learn more about your current pension, see the pension benefits section of our website. To find out where your pension is available in your own state, you can compare plans that are offered in your home state. If you’re not sure what kind of plan you’re in, check your plan agreement. If you’re a U.S. citizen, check what your citizenship provides.
Swing Trading Strategies

How to decide on your pension

You can buy a personal pension plan, or you can save it through a pension investment account (PIO). PIOs allow you to invest in a portfolio of up to 50 funds – each of which carries a specified pension guarantee as well as the option to convert it to a defined contribution plan.

PIO funds will cost you

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