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A: A single deal is as good as any single trade. All you need is a way to make a profit on a single trade, and you can make it with almost any player you want. As a single transaction can be profitable, a trading site has very little overhead.

To get started, choose a single deal from the list above. If you have multiple deals to choose from, search for players matching what you’re looking for. Check out the trading site profile, to see if it’s in the market for trades. If it is, click on the deal you want on the trading site and enter a quote.

Swing Trading for Beginners: Definition and Tactics – KuaPay
The best way to get to a good deal is to use a high-rate player, a player who will be highly sought after. The player you choose is your trading partner, and both of you will get some benefits in return. If you’re trading for a 1% premium or a premium, you’ll get a player to trade with at an even higher rate (usually 4%), and as a result you’ll have a higher profit.

This is known as a “stacked buyout system.” To do this, there is a “buyout rate” (which is usually around 5%), a premium (typically around 5%), and finally a trade price (usually about 4.5%). For these options, the player to trade with pays the premium (if there’s one), along with a little markup on the final price (if there’s a premium). If the player to trade with goes for 4.5%, the player to trade goes for 6%, and so on. The player who goes for 5% is more profitable, but there is nothing to stop the profit being cut in half with the premium (by which point you would only be trading off part of the premium).

Here’s a more in-depth explanation of stacked buyout systems and how they impact trades:

In the case of a one player premium, one player pays the premium and also pays a bit for the premium. If your team loses 5 wins on the schedule, the premium will be 5% of your total win to see you through that month, plus your own salary, to keep you afloat. So with a team that had a 1.5% win loss number this month, you would need about a 6-1 trade to make it through the month. If you have a 2% win loss number, you would need 2 trades totaling 7.5% off your total win to make

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